Back to business

The holidays are over thankfully. Taxes paid, bills in order. Crunch time, spring is right around corner and this thing needs to be road worthy. I feel pretty inadequate when I compare my progress on this project to some of my internet buddies who are working on similar toys.
I've still not decided on what tires to run on the duc. The last time that I was in the tire market I was buying Michelin Pilot Powers. The seemed to last OK (3000 miles with the last 500 having a crap feel to them). They got warm and sticky pretty quickly. But the problem is that Michelin cost me and my friends a F1 race in 2005 at Indy. We sat in the stands in turn 1 while all the Michelin shod machines did their parade lap and then pulled into the pits, leaving only four Bridgestone runners on the starting grid. We were besides ourselves with anguish as Schumi and Barichello paraded around our circuit. The drinks flowed and we made the best of it, but we cursed the french under our breath and the pain inflicted by their treachery still stings.
Bike tires have come a long way since those days. What do you guys run?
  • tires not made in france
  • reroute/re-bleed clutch line
  • install replacement coil bracket
  • rear hugger
  • front fairing
  • sort headlight
  • rear shock swap
  • title and license
Good times!


  1. nearly there then Chris, should be done for next weekend! sorry to upset you, but, i'm running michelin pilot's on the duc and i can't really fault them, i've run them before on the 750ss and like yourself, they 'whiteline' horribly in the last few hundred miles, my own favourite though are the dunlop 'qualifiers' great tyre, loads of feedback, they always feel planted in the corners and offer plenty of grip even in the wet, i've used them on the sporty and the racebike too, [medium compound race tyre] well worth a look as an alternative to the 'garlic-muncher's' looking forward to seeing your project done mate, can't wait to see your choice of fairing, what about a treble-eight pattern item subtley re-worked? just sayin.......

  2. Come on Chris, get your finger out! Any progress?

  3. oi! what's happening you lazy fucking yank!!!!!

  4. Chris, any updates? Getting worried here.