My new exhaust in action...

IMG 1508 from Chris Snyder on Vimeo.

Probably going to need a new clutch pack and basket. LOL!


  1. Made my day Chris, very nice indeed, think you are right about the rattle clutch and basket! ( mines ready too), are you aware of oberon performance parts? Made in England and very tasty, just bought a few bits for the triumph project, the duc's going to get some too later in the year, I've got an oberon clutch cylinder on the 900, (previous owner had fitted it, unfortunately it's anodized red, soon strip that off with my trusty tin of oven cleaner though) check them out, think you might like their parts.


    Oh my! I could get into real trouble on that site. By happy coincidence Oberon is also a nice wheat ale. What did you buy for the Triumph?

  3. Chris, as you already know, oberon turn signals, 'roll-click' adjustable levers, got the master cylinder top as a 'freebie' for my order, loving the 'house of go....' header picture, absolute classic! loads of 'photo-op's' like this when i've been over the pond, just didn't want to cause any offence if you know what i mean, anyway, let's talk about 'deal's gap' 'tail of the dragon' my arse, what a bunch of wank rider's you yank's are, you spend more time crashing than riding, whats up? not used to navigating corners, [excuse me, i of course mean 'turn's'] you-tube, brilliant..........

  4. Thanks for the compliment on my new masthead photo! That temple is just down the street and I thought it was pretty funny.
    I've never been to Deal's Gap although I used to live about an hour away from it. There were more than enough great roads around Asheville, NC that I never felt the need to go there. The place has a reputation for attracting morons from all over the Southeast and the local law enforcement is hip to this fact.

    I'm not sure why there seems to be total lack of interest in road racing of any kind in America. Most of the dipshits around here think performance bikes are giant Harley cruisers. I am ashamed to admit that my neighbor's Iron 883 looks pretty cool however. I think that NASCAR has ruined the racing audience in the states. I was given free tickets to one of the Winston Cup races at Bristol in 2008. I rode the R1 down to the race and was appalled when after the playing of our national anthem the crowd of 100,000 sang "Friends in Low Places" Karoki style. Scary!
    Even after Nicky won the championship in 2006 there was very little coverage of his awesome season by the local press. It was a bit discouraging.