Just a reminder...

...for my British pals who like to "take the piss" from Americans for not liking roads with bends (I mean turns).

  • Marc Marquez was not the first rookie world champion in GP.
  • "King" Kenny Roberts was the first rookie to take the GP World Championship in his rookie season.
  • Kenny Roberts beat England's finest, Barry Sheene for that championship. 
  • Sheene was the last Brit to take the championship.
  • No Brit has won a world championship in GP since Sheene.


  1. aaah, look's like we got a bite! kenny roberts, freddie spencer, eddie lawson and randy mamola, along with cal rayborn, jay springsteen, kevin schwantz, gary nixon, dave aldana and mike 'bloody boots' baldwin and of course, who can forget dave roper, the only yank to win a tt, all heroes of mine and theres no doubt that they know their way around a motorcycle, but, Chris, only one of them has won a tt race, you know, a real roadrace, held on real roads, with real telegraph posts, stone-walls, street furniture and all the hazards associated with riding a motorcycle, at very, very fast speeds on closed to normal traffic roads, not a purpose built track with gravel traps, air fences and run-off's, i rest my case m'lord, the brit's are better, the yank's can't ride for toffee on ' real' roads, only one yank has won a tt, the legend, mr dave roper, check out footage on you-tube of normal brits doing fast laps of the tt course on 'open roads' and then check out you-tube of the yank's lowsiding, grabbing too much front brake on deals gap, screwing up the corn... i'm sorry 'turn's, just sayin' Chris, just sayin', i've passed sportsbike riders on topanga canyon, in Cali heading down to pc1 in a chevy suburban! [can't wait to see your reply to this one! [happy xmas to you and your's too Chris, heres to more sparring in '14]

  2. Ha! Not going to debate any of that but actually also state that the real issue that there is a dearth of real US winners since those legends. As for TT versus all else anymore not too much crossover competitors due to contracts and limitations methinks.

    Hey nice Walter Sobchak (sp) helmet pic! Cheers!