Great success!

I had my knee fixed today. The actual procedure took 90 minutes. Since I was under general anesthesia I couldn't tell any time at all had passed. Magic! One minute I was on the operating table talking to the surgical team while they prepped me for surgery and the next minute I was in recovery. I'm all hopped up on dope now, chilling on the couch at home but I can tell that even when the meds wear off I will be experiencing profound relief.
The last two weeks have been nothing but constant pain and throbbing from my knee, sleepless nights, and upset stomachs from too much ibuprofen. There is nothing like this kind of discomfort to mess up your attitude for just about everything. I shall get some sleep tonight! Thanks Doctor Hester!!

I received these pictures from Andrew last night. I was too uncomfortable to really have a look. He's going to be finishing up the work tomorrow night. I'm really looking forward to perving the final product.


  1. hi Chris, ouch!, know what you are going through, had that injury myself fighting in a karate bout a few years ago, double ouch!!! glad you are on the mend mate, exhaust looking cool, just remember not to kneel down to take a look before you are recovered! take it easy, tim.

  2. LOL

    Thanks Tim. Last night a slept like a baby. So much relief! I wonder what they did for someone with this injury 50 years ago. My surgeon has worked on Stallone, Schartzenegger, and now SNYDER! Lucky guy...