GoPro mount

Better than top of the tank or side of the helmet I reckon...

New Internals

New clutch basket, check. New Barnett clutch pack, check. Lower noise clutch, check,
I've removed the pressure plate and old clutch pack to expose the clutch drum in the first picture. The old clutch pack was about the right height but was not comprised of the correct elements. My new Barnett clutch pack is correct and 38.5mm in height (spec).
The nut that holds clutch drum on is torqued to 140 ft/lbs. This clutch drum holder is key to the whole clutch refresh operation. Once that nut is off, the drum can be removed along with the washer and bush.

After the clutch drum is removed the clutch basket is exposed. It's a simple job to remove it using the basket locking tool. My old basket was super hammered!

The clutch basket/drum tool makes installing the new basket and old drum easy. 140 ft/lbs of torque has to be applied to the clutch drum nut. The clutch pack slips in around the drum and after re-installing the pressure plate, the springs finish off the install.

The new clutch is quieter and doesn't slip in top gear at full throttle! Job jobbed.

In a clutch

My clutch is super loud. I listened to lots of Ducatis this past weekend while up at the GP in Indy, and none of them were as loud as mine. There are deep grooves in the basket.

That supposed "cool" Ducati clutch rattle isn't a matter of course. It is a sound borne of an improperly set up clutch or excessive play between the drive plate tabs and clutch housing. Properly set up clutches don't rattle. I bet I could run a penny between the plates and the tabs on mine. I've been looking for a deal on a new basket for quite some time. I've finally found one.
I'll replace the clutch plates as well, while I have the thing open and hopefully the product will be a more quiet clutch.

Fit the clutch plates in the
following order:
- two driven plates 2 mm thick;
- a driving plate 3 mm thick;
- a convex plate 1.5 mm thick, as
shown in cross-section;
- set of six driving plates
alternated with six driven plates.
A driven plate should be the last of
the clutch pack.